Monday, April 11, 2011

Wayfinding With Carpet: Cell+LED

Wayfinding With Carpet: Cell+LED
Sadly, intense carpet innovation doesn't happen that frequently as FastCompany's FastCoDesign observes. However, in this case the carpet innovation is intensely brilliant!

Dutch company Lama Concept recently introduced Cell+LED which integrates lighted wayfinding into the carpet.

You can read more in FastCoDesign's article titled Dutch Company Integrates LED Wayfinding Into Its CarpetsLEDs tucked into Lama Concept's Cell+LED carpet create customizable lighting where people look the most -- on the ground. Do check it out. The photos alone were enough to have me re-imagining the future and carpet!

The article shows examples of the product in new concept airplanes and refers to a concept Land Rover. Cell+LED creates a dynamic corporate space, too.  I'd love to see this used in medical or hospitality environments. Imagine a movie theatre or a school!

What's your reaction? How might you integrate wayfinding into your home?

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