Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Custom Carpet Design Matches Restaurant Decor

Custom Carpet Design Matches Restaurant Decor
Have you ever been stopped in your tracks because your feet came upon the perfect flooring design scheme? One that not only matched a room's decor - in this case a restaurant - but also integrated all of the surrounding design elements? If you haven't, I have one to share with you...

Fellow Surfaces presenter and friend, Chris Ramey, President of Affluent Insights and Chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council Florida, recently forwarded me several photos he had taken of a new restaurant in Miami that had done a particularly effective job of tying together the restaurant's visual themes with a custom carpet design. [Pretty neat when your friends are on the lookout for great carpet for you!]

Here is what Chris wrote me:


I've attached a picture I thought your floor covering readers might enjoy because it is a custom printed carpet at the entrance for a new restaurant in Miami. Note how they carried the theme in the front window. Plus, who says custom has to be a large area?

This other picture highlights the menus using the same motif.

Warm regards,

Custom Carpet Design Matches Restaurant Decor - Front Window
View from the front window

Custom Carpet Design Matches Restaurant Decor - Menu
The menu

The restaurant is very new and doesn't yet have its own website. However, it is related to Tutto Pasta Ristorante.

[I'll have to ask Chris to let us know if the bathrooms further reinforce the custom carpet design and restaurant decor. It might be a wonderful addition to the 2011 Bathroom Blogfest!]

Imagine creating your own custom carpet design for your personal space. Which visual elements and colors would you include? How would you accessorize the rest of the space to support your custom carpet and surrounding decor?

Have you come across a perfect carpet or flooring design scheme that stopped you in your tracks? If so, take a picture and I'll share it with readers of the Carpetology Blog!

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