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Coverings 2011 Celebrates Style & Design

Coverings 2011 Celebrates Tile Style & Design
Perhaps I should be saving most of the content from this Coverings 2011 post for Bathroom Blogfest 2011, but that seems just too far away especially when I've been speaking with a really wonderful woman who captured style and design magic on video...

Before I go any further, though, I must warn you that this post will not focus on soft coverings or carpet underfoot. Rather, it's about tile style and design with links to some fabulous blogs. My assumption is that you'll extrapolate from the content and adapt it to carpet style and design since I am willing to bet that your home also includes hard surfaces such as tile...

Coverings 2011, by the way, is the premier international trade fair and expo dedicated exclusively to showcasing the newest in ceramic tile and natural stone. It took place March 14 through 17, 2011 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. [The series of short videos embedded on the Coverings home page give you a great feel for the show.]

Design Wonderland & Coverings
As I was researching who had written about [i.e., 'covered'] Coverings and the tile style and design trends showcased there, I came across Jessica's Design Wonderland Coverings series which is fabulous. Jessica participated in the VIP Press Tour for Coverings...

The Design Wonderland Coverings series consists of the following Coverings 2011 related posts which include fantastic photos:
Paul Anater shares his love of fine-art mosaics in this post titled Italian manufacturer Sicis at Coverings. He also explains that Grespania's Coverlam stole the show. What do you think?

Here's Talk Contract's recap of Coverings 2011. Aren't the photos fabulous?

Tile Envy offers Another View of Coverings 2011.

Here's an video interview with Patti Faisan who offers a behind-the-scenes look at Tile Style & Design from Coverings.

And check out Zoe Voigt's delicious Tile Style Dynamics.

Coverings also does a wonderful job with an installation showcase of several bathroom designs that become reality over the course of the show. For 2011, three came to life over the three days of the show and I took the following photos on the last day.

Coverings 2011 Celebrates Tile Style & Design
Master Bath Spa designed by Annette Denham and installed by Lambert Tile & Stone

Coverings 2011 Celebrates Tile Style & Design

Coverings 2011 Celebrates Tile Style & Design
Spa Bath designed by Ali Azhar and installed by Artcraft Granite, Marble & Tile

Coverings 2011 Celebrates Tile Style & Design

Coverings 2011 Celebrates Tile Style & Design
Universal Bath designed by Laura Yorba and installed by Welch Tile & Marble and Cox Tile

Coverings 2011 Celebrates Tile Style & Design

Coverings 2011 Celebrates Tile Style & Design

I also discovered from speaking with Chris Woelfel from Artcraft Granite, Marble, & Tile Co. that she had created several videos posted on the ArtCraft Granite, Marble, Tile YouTube Channel with interviews with Ali Azhar from HGTV, one of the Design Showcase Bathroom designers:
Here, too, is the recap of Dan Welch from Welch Tile & Marble of the Coverings 2011 - Universal Bath Design Installation Showcase.

The latest post I came across is from Paul Friederichsen who writes about Coverings 2011: A Thing of Beauty.

So, what do you think about Coverings and its celebration of Tile Style & Design? How do you see integrating these ideas into your own design scheme? And, how will carpet fit in?

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Chris Woelfel said...


This is a wonderfully comprehensive look at Coverings 2011!

The Coverings exposition, billed as "the ultimate tile and stone experience," is indeed so massive that when you're involved in one aspect of it it's easy to miss everything else that's going on - so thanks for sharing all of this information and inspiration!

The Installation Design Showcase - while just one "stage" of many in the "show" - provided a setting for everyone to experience the synergy between good design and quality craftsmanship. It also underscored how important it is for everyone involved in the process to understand industry installation standards, i.e., utilizing the right methods and materials for the many diverse types of installations. This is an assurance that your project will stay beautiful for years to come.

Chris Woelfel
Artcraft Granite, Marble & Tile Co.

CB Whittemore said...


Thanks for your marvelous comment!

The Installation Design Showcase truly differentiates Coverings for the exact reason you describe. Too often at trade shows, product are taken out of context. Here, design, product, installation and end user value take on new meaning. It's a highlight for me!

Special thanks to you for making the post that much more interesting with the addition of your videos!


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