Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carpet & The Obama Presidency - Part I

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Today, January 20th, 2009, our country begins the era of the Obama Presidency. I expect this new age to inspire creativity and style as we haven't seen it before - especially in carpet - and to unleash greatness all around our country.

I got to thinking about about it all after reading HFN Magazine's 1/5/09 article titled "The First Family of Style" by Barbara Thau. Here's how the article describes the Obama family's sense of style: "classic with an edge, cool, multicultural."

According to designers, the Obamas' "innate sense of style - with a populist, accessible twist -" is sure to affect us all particularly when combined with Obama's promise of change.

I have no doubts on that end! My seven-year old daughter is paying close attention. She identifies completely with Sasha, President Obama's youngest. She talks about the White House as it were a friend's house - i.e., the house of the people - rather than the equivalent of a Royal Palace.

Which to me means that national taste and style will definitely be influenced. That in turn affects carpet style trends!

The designers interviewed characterized the Obama style as "Good taste that rejects ostentation; an American flavor with a bit of an edge; and an eco-friendly consciousness."

Thom Filicia says "the Obamas embody a down-to-earth quality that has wide appeal... They are more in touch with where we are ... with an aesthetic approach that's attainable by most Americans."

Plus, they have young kids!

In recent interviews, Obama has referred to the White House as 'the people's house' and a place for nurturing creativity, discussion and culture. Per Politico, Obama is “thinking about the diversity of our culture and inviting jazz musicians and classical musicians and poetry readings in the White House so that once again we appreciate this incredible tapestry that's America.

Are you excited about a White House that reflects our cultural diversity? I am.

The result on style - and carpet - will be a celebration of all that is America, with a "reprieve from an era of excess and gaudiness," replaced instead with plenty of cross-cultural pollination, practicality and eco-friendliness. I think we're ready.

Stay tuned for Part II which looks more closely at carpet style trends and colors...

Oh, and Happy Inauguration Day!

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