Friday, January 9, 2009

Design Reviews From The Floor Up ~ Surroundings

January's Design Reviews From The Floor Up introduces you to ::Surroundings::, a dynamic and inspiring design site created by Linda Merrill.

I'm particularly excited about this episode of Design Reviews From The Floor Up as I have met Linda. Well, virtually I have [see Time For Decorating From The Floor Up]. I hope some day to meet her in person. But, I came really close during Meeting Thom Felicia!

Linda Merrill is an interior decorating consultant and entrepreneur based in Massachusetts. She's also involved in the Board of the New England Chapter of the International Furnishing & Design Association. She knows interiors and design. And, she's inspiring.

Design inspiration surrounds Linda. You are sure to be drawn into her vibrant Surroundings, which is filled with amazing sights and visions, emerging only to apply what she shares and view the world around you differently.

Take her Pride & Prejudice series [I love Jane Austen, so this one really caught my attention!]: Pride & Prejudice: Decorating the Bennet's house, Pride & Prejudice: Decorating Netherfield, and Pride & Prejudice: Decorating Pemberley.

Or, the Travel Tuesday series. Music Hall Monday combines her love of music and design. You can Meet Artists like Patrick Fray, or listen to a podcast interview with Design Stars like Jennifer Bertand. Linda also offers plenty of practical advice [Staging Your Home for Sale] and Before & After Projects... and so much more.

Linda launched Surroundings in early 2005, which means that she will be celebrating her 4 year blog anniversary on January 27th. That in itself is an impressive accomplishment, even moreso when you experience how the site has evolved in that time. Definitely experience for yourselves the wealth of design ideas that Surroundings showcases. Only, be warned: you may have difficulty extricating yourself!

Thank you, Linda, for creating such an inspiring design destination.

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P.S.: As there's a Thom Filicia connection to this post, check out our post on Thom Filicia's Design Inspiration Tips.

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