Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Foot's Perspective #20 - Another Wow! Carpet Style

This episode of A Foot's Perspective is about another Wow! carpet style from a La Quinta Inn hotel room in Fort Wayne, IN.

BTW, are you as excited as I am to encounter these really fun examples of home fashion design that incorporate carpet? Would you consider taking photos of videos as you come across interesting carpet style design concepts? Let me know at CBWhittemore [at] gmail [dot] com and I will then post about it here to share with others.

It's really neat to see hotel interiors [and I'm not talking super high-end, untouchable hotels] getting more fashionable in an edgy way. There's real style happening and it's giving me ideas.

This La Quinta Inn has just remodeled its rooms and the end result - particularly from a carpet style perspective - is fantastic, sophisticated, soothing and inspiring!

Look at that carpet pattern - in an energizing synergy of browns. Grounding, yet versatile. In my mind, it redefines the notion of a 'neutral' and appeals to both male and female sensibilities. It's comforting to the soul and the soles of your feet [I couldn't resist :-)].

I particularly like how the carpet accessorizes with the other room elements.

Above you see the curtain pattern. And, next, the bedspread. They add airiness and additional warmth.

The pattern combination is fun. Until seeing how well stripes, the curvy organic bedspread pattern and the geometric carpet grid worked together, I never would have considered such a combination.

Now, I know better.

Check it out for yourself by viewing this episode of A Foot's Perspective. What do you think of the walls?

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Thank you for watching and reading!

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