Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Foot's Perspective - Episode 11

This episode of A Foot's Perspective - as did A Foot's Perspective - Episode 10 - comes from Carpet One Floor & Home's Summer Convention in Nashville, TN.

This time, the view comes from Mohawk's booth as I expose you to a carpet style, made with Wear-Dated Natural Nylon, called Hardanger by Wunda Weve.

Wear-Dated Natural Nylon refers to Nylon 6,6 carpet fiber that is combined with a proprietary insert technology. The resulting fiber generates a carpet with the look and feel of wool, yet with the durability of Nylon 6,6 - the best nylon available for carpet.

As we describe it in Wear-Dated Natural Nylon Makes for Stylish Carpet [which includes PowerPoint slides with micron photography], the proprietary insert technology process literally inserts a low-melt nylon fiber in between the yarn plies. During manufacturing when heat comes into play, the low-melt nylon melts, binding the yarn together. The result: tufts that cannot be untwisted, creating a carpet that has better resistance to matting [i.e., great performance], and better tip definition [i.e., that means you can create some unusually fashionable carpet styles].

[Also check out Marianne Cone Discusses Surfaces, By The Foot and Natural Nylon.]

Back to this episode of A Foot's Perspective.

Handanger is a textured loop or an uneven loop carpet construction where the unevenness creates texture. From the photos, you may notice a fuzziness [my term and it's not just from camera focus] to the construction that I associate with the wool-ness of Wear-Dated Natural Nylon [i.e., luster, hand and appearance - if you want to get really technical].

See for yourself.

[Subscribers, please click on this link to view the YouTube video.]

Other recently introduced carpet styles made with Wear-Dated Natural Nylon carpet fiber include:

+ From Wunda Weve: Shining Allure, Sisal Chic, and Rosewood

+ From Gulistan: Craftwork, Weymouth and Ashmore

+ From Karastan: Nob Hill, Eloquence Classic, McLaren Park and Union Street.

They are definitely worth checking out.

For the most recent episode from A Foot's Perspective - Episode 10. Or you can also scroll through previous blogposts with links to all previous episodes of A Foot's Perspective.

Thanks for watching!

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